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Re: War of the Supermen Just Announced!

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Superman in the public domain would be some scary, scary shit.
No, it really isn't.

So long as DC continues to exploit the Superman trademark, even after the early stories begin to fall out of copyright, they're effectively preventing anyone else from using Superman. There's little point in using Superman, if you can't market that it's Superman.

In any case, I expect there will be another attempt in the next year or two to extend copyright protections for another twenty-five years or more at the behest of Disney.
What does Disney have to do with it? Disney owns Marvel not DC lol

BUUUUUT actually if DC/Warner Brothers doesn't release a new Superman movie by 2011 they will owe damages to the Siegels and Schuster's. So... DC really needs to get on the stick and do something movie wise - and decent. I'm honestly of the mind that Superman should almost be a multi-universal hero LOL. I mean why not let Marvel use Superman too! That'd be a kick.
I think some of the guys at Marvel could really do some solid, interesting work with Superman.
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