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My heartfelt thanks to Dennis for giving me this opportunity to help make this happen.
My heartfelt thanks to you, guy, for saving my ass. And I'm sure happy to have you as a new found friend...peculiar, how different RL remains from interaction on the Web.

People here may not believe it, but I really like to be liked. DS9Sega did a job that I'm tempermentally incapable of. It's a mild exaggeration, I guess, to pretend that the First A.D. plays a "bad guy," in that I think everyone on our production ultimately admired and liked him for what he did for us and enjoyed his company (in the nanoseconds that he was allowed to just "be there"). Still and all, his work required a thick skin and the day-after-day willingness to redirect and refocus the attention of a crowd who were often tired and hungry and not in a hurry to move.

We shot about 34 pages of script in six days, holding to twelve-hour days for at least the first half of the shoot, under very limited conditions (and guess what, I don't know the exact page count because it was DS9Sega who kept track of it and I'll have to ask him for the final). He made it all possible.

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