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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

I have a perfectly good 32" CRT Sony Wega and was hesitiating to upgrade to HDTV - always thinking that if I wait a little longer I can get it cheaper still. Specifically because of ST XI, my wife, God bless her, recently bought me a 47" HDTV with instructions from everyone in the family not to go rush out and buy a Blu-ray and/or ST XI (can anyone say Ho, Ho, Ho). I absolutley intend on buying the complete TOS in Blu-ray so I can enjoy it (including the remastered effects) in HD. Besides that, my oldest daughter (almost 30) has already called dibs on the DVD set I already have. I'm happy to give them up so my granddaughter, Lily, can be properly exposed to the old gang. The CRT has been relegated to the basement rec room.
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