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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

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I wonder if that means the "World Against Superman" storyline will finally reach a close by the time Batman comes back. I don't mind the arc, but it seems to have dragged on forever and, of course, being a weekly thing if you miss a title you have to play catch up (as I'm doing with Blackest Night).
Not to be pedantic, but you mean "by the time Bruce Wayne comes back," not "by the time Batman comes back." Bruce Wayne is not synonymous with Batman any more, and Morrison has said that R.I.P. was the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman.

As for the timing of storylines, War of the Supermen begins with May's FCBD special, and if you assume a similar progression to Blackest Night, then we will probably see that storyline winding down at roughly the same time as The Return of Bruce Wayne concludes and then dovetails into Batman and Robin. Morrison's interview in USA Today indicates that Dick will be Batman for at least two years.

For myself, I hope that Dick is a permanent replacement for Bruce under the cape and cowl. DC has walked away from its modern age legacy characters in the past decade. Making Dick Batman, and making it permanent, can go a long way to reversing the trend of the recent past, where Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, and Barry Allen can come back and replace their replacements.

Actually when I first heard Batman was coming back, aside from the "of course he is" response (no one expected him to be gone forever) I thought maybe they were going to really shake things up and zombify him with a black ring. Now THAT would have given people something to think about!
I'm sure Morrison has something mental up his sleeve.

I just hope when Batman is reestablished they don't end up punting Batwoman and the Question from Detective Comics. I kind of like the direction they're taking with that one (even if it sometimes reads like L Word with a cape). It's not everyone's cup of tea (including mine at times), but it has given the title a bit of added vitality that I wouldn't have expected in something that's now heading into its 73rd year!
'Tec has been fucking awesome.

I'm sorry that J.H. Williams is leaving the title after the next issue, because he's done absolutely superlative work. Each issue is a tour du force visually.
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