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Re: Wolverine Old Man Logan

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Can anyone recommend any other elseworld type books?
Have your tried Marvel 1602?

I really enjoyed the first series, a great twist on classic Marvel, and quite gripping. The followup series have been so-so I think, but still, it's a fun and interesting alterverse.

And then of course there's Marvel Zombies, which may be an acquired taste. No pun intended.
Thanks for the suggestion! After reading the description I actually opted to pick up 1602 instead of 85 and I'm enjoying it so far. (Although sometimes it makes me feel dumb when I figure out who the characters are really late.)

Forgot to mention Zombies as one of the books I liked, but it seemed to progressively get worse as the series went on. I'm not sure if it was just because I wasn't familiar with the characters in the later books.
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