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Re: Dollhouse 2x7, 2x8 Meet Jane Doe & A Love Supreme: Review,Spoilers

Something just occurred to me that I'd forgotten in all this new intrigue; namely, what happened to the old intrigue? Who was slipping Ballard messages through November and Echo? Was Boyd really in on that, or was it an odd coincidence that time he distracted Topher while Echo was being imprinted with a message for Paul? Either way, what was their angle?

I suppose it could've been another false-flag discrediting move, like the Senator. Someone from another House might've been feeding Ballard information with the ultimate goal of having him either "win" and take away all the possible reasons to look for the Dollhouse, or even take down the L.A. House and make it look like it was the only one to better conceal the other 20.

Or it could've been Alpha, setting his first-season finale play up. Did they actually say it was Alpha and I forgot?
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