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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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BTW, did it sound odd at all to you, as the Jem'Hadar expert, that Volet'aval might not be totally in love with the idea of losing his own life (i.e. hoping that perhaps his service can be teaching others in his "old" age)?
Slightly- because they aren't afraid to die- but as Goron'agar pointed out- death is it, so... then what? I'm sure there is lingering doubt that death won't glorify the Founders... or do anything... despite their mantra. And what if in surviving they could accomplish more? And what about when they know that deep down, they're dying for a stupid, Vorta-induced reason? They aren't idiots... as brought out by the Jem'Hadar's annoyance at having to ask permission before firing, wasting valuable time.

It stands to reason that Jem'Hadar would want to share their knowledge and experience with younger ones, whether it was just for fulfilling their duty or not.
The Jem'Hadar, to my estimation, actually come closer to being fully fleshed-out individuals than the Vorta. The Vorta are more servile, less independent, I suspect because they actually come face-to-face with the Founders and need to be trusted like lapdogs. (Look at the way the Female Founder reacted to losing the last Weyoun--like losing the family pet.)

Make no mistake--Volet'aval's not afraid to die and has no hesitation about making the hard decision to do so. But, I thought it would be interesting to have a Jem'Hadar that perhaps aspired to a longer-lasting purpose in life.

My question about that installment is- is there a Vorta still on Volet'aval's ship? Did he get permission for the suicide run?
Lessek was such a backwater that the Vorta was directing everything from the ground station, not bothering to station one on the ships. There was never any real expectation of an attack where there wouldn't be time for him to beam out to the station or to the ships if required.

As for Gul Verest (who ran HIS post from the orbital station), he was a Dominion suck-up. There were Jem'Hadar stationed there, but all it took was a signal from the Vorta for Verest to do his bidding. (Those signal intercepts, BTW, constituted the proof Berat demanded before ordering Verest's death.) The ships could also shred through the station very quickly should they so desire.

As for the suicide run, with no more Vorta around, Volet'aval used his best judgment. In this case, the targets were CLEAR rebels, and he could act without permission from the Vorta because permission was already given. Remember, even if he'd figured out who Macet was before the attack, he was already under orders to eliminate Cardassian rebels and had been since Rondac. Therefore, Volet'aval acted upon his standing orders and is sacrificing himself to diminish the Cardassian rebels.
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