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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

The genesis cave matte sucked from day one in 1982.

The 'castle' matte from the cage was great from day one (and that's why they didn't alter much at all)

When FX or mattes are made has no bearing on wether they will ever seem like they need an upgrade----the quality does have a bearing.

Many of the changes in TOS are very well done and will never need to upgraded on a quality basis.

The degraded reuse & repetitive nature of the original mattes/FX from TOS made the new FX deisrable---not that they looked awful.

The original Fx of TOS were not replaced because they were 'of their time' and therefore no longer watchable and the new FX will never be replaced for that reason either.

The new FX greatly enhance my enjoyment of the series and make each episode more unique and less generic.

Being slavishly devoted to the original handfull of Enterprise shots is like saying how much you love that same lame shot of Sulu glancing back toward Kirk. One, two or three times is okay after the 30th time it's just annoying.

And besides ALL the original shots of the Ent were recreated for the remastered and are not lost when you watch that version.
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