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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

I wonder if that means the "World Against Superman" storyline will finally reach a close by the time Batman comes back. I don't mind the arc, but it seems to have dragged on forever and, of course, being a weekly thing if you miss a title you have to play catch up (as I'm doing with Blackest Night).

Actually when I first heard Batman was coming back, aside from the "of course he is" response (no one expected him to be gone forever) I thought maybe they were going to really shake things up and zombify him with a black ring. Now THAT would have given people something to think about!

I just hope when Batman is reestablished they don't end up punting Batwoman and the Question from Detective Comics. I kind of like the direction they're taking with that one (even if it sometimes reads like L Word with a cape). It's not everyone's cup of tea (including mine at times), but it has given the title a bit of added vitality that I wouldn't have expected in something that's now heading into its 73rd year!

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