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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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Just think what would have happened without the shileds. I didn't notice any chunks making dents. They manage to avoid most of the big chunks. The one chunk that scrapes along the Enterprise breaks up on contact with the shields/hull.
It's the Enterprise's nacelle that is breaking up, not the debris.

And the Enterprise would have had the shields up immediately after they saw the debris and went to red alert anyway. Kirk's storming into the bridge was pretty much unneccessary. They had a full minute before Nero detected them, and the shields were apparently not protecting them from the debris.
Who knows, maybe that's the best the shields could do (they didn't seem that effective in the other TOS movies either). And like the earlier TOS movies, the shields might take a god-awful long time to fully activate so the added time given by Kirk's warning may have prevented worse damage.
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