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Re: DC Announces Batman Earth One and Superman Earth One!

Didn't they already do this with All-Star Batman and Superman? And wasn't the Superman one the Best Thing Ever(in the good way) and wasn't the Batman one The Best Thing Ever(in the bad way)? I couldn't tell the difference between either though, because I hate both writers. Oh right, they're going to have Twitter accounts and random Twilight references in this one. 'Cuz it's modern and hip and kewl now. Basically they're going to Mark Millarize Batman and Superman without actually hiring Mark Millar and his clumsy, unintentional self-parody of post-modern stupidity.

I like Geoff Johns as much as the next Silver Age Nazi. But when I think modern and hip, I don't think of his writing. I mean, I'm fairly certain that he'd have a heart attack if someone told him we had a black president because he's that stuck in the 60's. Nothing wrong with that I guess. I think it's a good alternative to Grant Morrison, who turns every long running he title he writes into a sad, tragic love letter to The Watchmen. Johns is great at big, fuck off superhero epics. But I don't think he'd be suited for the dark, urban crime nior of Batman. Then again, they could have picked Morrison or Frank Millar to do it. And I suppose they've done enough damage to Batman. So I guess I should be happy with Johns.

JMS is just a terrible comic book writer, I don't care what anyone says. Yeah, yeah Babylon 5 whatever. His comic books suck IMO. His most well-known story to date is having Gwen Stacy fuck Norman Osborne. And that was one of the least stupid things from his Spider-Man run. So yeah, I don't have a lot of faith him on this.
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