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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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Why does Uhura have to be held to a higher standard (and almost always only to be found wanting) solely because she's female?
Because she's officially the only female character left in Star Trek and probably will remain so for the next decade or so. And since fanboys everywhere clamor for Kirk, Spock and McCoy moments, her outlook is not that good.

Tara wrote: View Post
Why are the male characters allowed to be shown in relationships (whether they're romantic or platonic), but if a female character is, she's "nothing but the girlfriend"?
Because when she sees both men off who are going to save the galaxy, she stays behind and does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the remainder of the film except come rushing back in to hug Spock (Again leaving her post for the third gawd dang time). Heck, Kirk doesn't even ask her to hail the Narada. Isn't it funny how when you give someone like Uhura a supposedly important post on the ship that she should actually do something with it?

Uhura is there for the men's benefit, not the story's. Her Klingon transmission wasn't even an important element since the Enterprise had a whole minute of free time to spare before they were attacked by the Narada after exiting warp.
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