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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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I'm going to step in and repost something I wrote months ago, basically detailing my view on Uhura, fandom, and mcCoy:

Uhura, McCoy, and Fannish Double Standards

Fandom has one set of rules for male characters, and one set for female, and it's been really bothering me of late. But it's screamingly obvious when the complaints about Uhura in Star Trek are concerned. I've already gone over in depth why I am so zen about Uhura. But if we're going to do this again, I want to address specifically the parallels between Uhura and Spock, and McCoy and Kirk.

Right, so here is me picking apart the top three complaints that are used over and over again to damn Uhura, while McCoy is mercifully spared fandom's collective ire:


So here is my biggest beef with fandom right now: if the movie doesn't place a premium on platonic love over erotic love, and doesn't say that McCoy's relationship with Kirk reduces his importance as a character to nothing but an appendage, then why do parts of fandom embrace McCoy while heaping abuse on Uhura? Why does Uhura have to be held to a higher standard (and almost always only to be found wanting) solely because she's female? Why are the male characters allowed to be shown in relationships (whether they're romantic or platonic), but if a female character is, she's "nothing but the girlfriend"?
That was a smart analysis, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and you make a great point about the unfair criticism that I too have read about Uhura. I hope that many will read your short essay and become a little bit wiser.
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