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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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That video looks great. I could not get into all the details of the instructions from earlier. If there was a way to create the layouts then export to VRML ... then I might pick it back up. I'd like to see more of the bridge.
You put the engine room at the rear of the saucer section. What are your views on this Enterprise having a warp core? Where is it?
Hey Tower;
So, what you're saying then, if I'm hearing you correctly, is that you asked me for a tutorial, I gave it, and you didn't build a ship with it...

That's ok! I'm just getting a little bit verklempt...
[just one single tear]
I'll be all right... but I'm worried about you!
You have such potential!!!
Why haven't you continued?
I'm just curious...
Don't get me wrong. I greatly appreciate your work here, and I don't know how you did it. Beyond the basic 'plane' I had trouble getting any geometrical shape done. That's just me - you obviously have talent, and I appreciate the effort, but it's obviously not my talent to do it the way you did.

What was the 'other way' you are talking about?

I've wanted to design and build walkthroughs for a long time, not just Trek but other stuff as well and can't seem to find the right tool for me.

For the absolute beginner, anyone have a suggestion to design floorplans, deckplans, etc that can be then rendered in 3D and walked through? I'd settle at first to get something like Wolfenstein 3D (that old game) working...
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