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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

I hesitated on buying the remastered blu-rays until recently, because so many people here were raving about them. Prior to purchasing them, i had the original DVDs that were first put out, 2 episodes per disc. I loved that set, the color was gorgeous, the pictures clear...the only downside was that because they were only 2 eps per disc, the collection took up a whole damn shelf!

Anyway, i got Seasons 1 & 2 is tucked away as one of my xmas gifts. Season 3 is on pre-order.

The remastered discs look great. I tend to toggle back and forth between the effects (some of the new ones are really neat, but personally, i could have lived without them.) I really don't have a problem with the old cheesy effects. But they (the new effects) are neat to see.

While i don't highly recommend anyone upgrading, i am still glad i did. It freed up alot of space on my shelf, and my 25 year old son wants my old DVDs, which makes me vewwwy vewwwy happy. So, i think as long as a person has a set that doesnt take up a lot of physical space, save your money and don't upgrade.
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