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Re: All You Need is Love (Or, I need help for my friend's wedding)

Ok let me think...

There is the ready room scene in AGT where they kiss. It may be a reality that never occured but a nice romantic scene none the less.

There is the scene in sickbay in AGT where Picard holds Beverly by the shoulders and says something to the effect of having to put up with him for many years to come.

There is the steamy look in The Big Goodbye when they first see each other in their Dixon Hill era wardrobe.

The scene where Beverly comes back from her warp bubble in Remember Me they share a hug in engineering.

The scene in Allegience where they dance and kiss. (Although this is Picard's double and not really him and it comes to an abrupt end.)

There are more but these are a few that come to mind at the moment. I'll be back with them if you like. Also, Picard has a couple of touching moments with other women, but as you can see it is in direct conflict with my pairing of choice LOL so someone else is going to have to help you with those...
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