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And I'm estatic that Nick is willing to go to the lengths he has to in order to work with us.
You say that now.
And I say it again.

Some of the crew folks headed out to the stage to break down and get lighting equipment ready for return this afternoon. Alex, our Director of Photography, showed up with a text message from DS9Sega asking that we get an insert shot of a really cool prop piece that he was concerned that we missed during production. I got excited about lighting up even a tiny bit of the set and shooting it for a minute - just me plugging and unplugging this little panel on the wall, establishing it in its active and unpowered states while Alex shot footage of it. For one more minute, the ship lived.

And then it was over. I find myself crying suddenly when I try to tell friends what I witnessed this week - a bunch of folks eager to create some really beautiful stuff. I was a bystander a lot of the time, but I was there.

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