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All You Need is Love (Or, I need help for my friend's wedding)

In June, two of my friends are getting married. No, I'm not trying to break them up by subliminally suggesting things through Trek episodes; yes, we're happy for them. They both have an affinity for TV & movies, possibly moreso than they do for each other. Odd, but not my relationship. I've been recruited to help create a TV/Movie montage to help show their undying love for movies and TV, uh, I mean themselves. The montage has different clips of characters talking about love, relationships, and all that shippy stuff. They've specifically asked for Star Trek clips to be included with one caveat, they don't want any Troi/Riker clips.

Yeah, I know.

The bride is named after Deanna, and apparently she thought ahead and has banned the use of these clips. So much for paying homage to your namesake. But I have learned that if you keep the couple happy on their wedding day, you can keep the friendship after. So, given this condition, I'd figure I would ask for some help: what are some of the best/cutest/touching/awkward/beautiful moments or lines in Star Trek regarding love?

I know asking for a touching romantic moment in Trek is like asking for [Barack Obama/Sarah Palin] to [produce a birth certificate/make a coherent statement], it is not the franchises strength (Please choose whichever combination will garner a response). But there has to be something in the 40 year history, even if it is just playing "City on the Edge of Forever" on repeat. Any ideas?

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