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Re: Twilight Zone may arrive on Blu Ray

I'm excited abut this.
Two 40 year old TV shows 'Star Trek TOS' & 'The Prisoner' released on Blu-ray in 2009.

Now this announcement about the original 51-year old Twilight Zone on Blu-ray. The 2004 telecine transfers were done in HD from the original camera negative and as we know from TOS seasons 1-3 that telecine from the original camera negative preserves everything that was shot by the cinematographer.
This is how modern day TV shows are done anyway. Take CSI for example shot on 35mm film:
telecines the show's footage - they use Thomson's Spirit and Cintel's DSX -- to HDCam SR in 4:2:2 color space
from October 1, 2008 post magazine

If any older TV shows that were conformed on film are released on Blu-ray this is how they should be done.

I hope this can happen in the next 5 years :
Batman' 1966-68 live-action TV series wish for Blu-ray/DVD
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