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STV:TFF on Blu-ray

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it was included on <i>Star Trek Motion Picture Collection</i> (Blu-Ray) but not released as a separate release you could purchase.<br />
Highly unlikely they'll put any money into releasing a sp. col. edition Blu-Ray of STV:TFF other than less digital noise reduction on the video image.
Not trying to sound like a jerk, but how do you know its highly unlikely?
While Paramount does like to triple dip fans for Trek shows and films the business decision not to release STV:TFF as a single disc Blu-ray in 2009 points to the return on investment not being worth it. It was included on the 6-disc Blu-ray movie collection as Paramount felt that fans who wanted to see it would purchase all 6 films.
I stand by my original post.
STV:TFF is by many fans considered the weakest Trek film (certainly of the original 6 films). Paramount knows that fans will purchase a box set of the 6 films or else all 11 films on Blu-ray. I see you haven't posted on this thread:
Hypothetical: If Paramount ponied up the cash for Shatner to fix STV- Perhaps you should read it and post there.
This is the wrong thread to discuss STV:TFF.
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