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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

Steve Mollmann wrote: View Post
According to The Return of Superman, when they "find" Clark Kent in the rubble, it's been a month since the Superman/Doomsday battle, which I always thought was absurd. That much time for Superman's absence to be felt, Supergirl, Gangbuster, and Guardian to begin filling in, the new Superman to appear and become trusted, and for the final battle? Really?
Reading it monthly, at the time, it definitely didn't feel like it was a month. Maybe more like four or five.

Superman's funeral is on December 24th, 1992, while the issue of the Daily Planet about how Cyborg Superman saved President Clinton is dated to May 28th, 1993.
If it weren't for the Metropolis Mailbag issue in Superman following the funeral in Man of Steel, I'd put the funeral after Clinton's inauguration in January 1993. While I thought it was cool at the time for Bill and Hillary Clinton to appear in the funeral issue in Man of Steel, realistically President Bush, not President-Elect Clinton, would have been the United States' official representative at Superman's funeral.

That's a much more reasonable timeframe for the events, though you'd need a better excuse for Clark's disappearance.
Yeah, that wasn't one of Clark's better excuses.

Deep undercover, on assignment? Still not that plausible, but damn sight better than being trapped under a building for a month or more, living off canned goods he found there. Supposedly.
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