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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

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I wonder who stayed dead longer, Batman or Superman...
Heh... the "Return of Superman" arc was published over about six months, but if you watch the timeline while reading it, it appears that less than two weeks pass between his funeral and his reappearance on the docks in Metropolis.
According to The Return of Superman, when they "find" Clark Kent in the rubble, it's been a month since the Superman/Doomsday battle, which I always thought was absurd. That much time for Superman's absence to be felt, Supergirl, Gangbuster, and Guardian to begin filling in, the new Superman to appear and become trusted, and for the final battle? Really?

Superman's funeral is on December 24th, 1992, while the issue of the Daily Planet about how Cyborg Superman saved President Clinton is dated to May 28th, 1993. That's a much more reasonable timeframe for the events, though you'd need a better excuse for Clark's disappearance.
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