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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz

The Tides of War, Part I (Season Finale)

Historians Note: Part One takes place concurrently with the events of “Sacrifice of Angels”. Part Two takes place during and after the events of “In the Pale Moonlight”. Part Three takes place concurrently with the events of “Tears of the Prophets.”

Part One: Mysterious Enemy

Chapter One
The first Betreka Nebula counterstrike

The Lambda Paz fired its main ventral phasers at the dorsal of a Jem’Hadar heavy cruiser. After getting off more shot with the secondary hull’s ventral phasers, it moved on to two smaller battleships. A fierce volley of quantum torpedoes crippled both ships.

The bridge rocked violently sending its crew to the deck. Captain Limis Vircona stood up quickly and sat down in her chair to enter commands into the side console on her right. Three blips appeared on the panel.

Ensign Goris M’Rev, the Tellarite at Ops, confirmed what was on the captain’s screen. “Three Jem’Hadar fighters approaching off the port bow,” he called out.

First officer Ronnie Kozar and tactical officer Mandel Morrison kept a close eye on the tactical station’s readouts. “Target each of those ships with a simultaneous spread of phasers and quantum torpedoes,” Kozar ordered.

“Helm, get us within five hundred meters,” Limis added.

“The Sisko Maneuver,” Second Lieutenant Jonas Grabowski remarked. The ridges on his nose were far less pronounced than those of the captain’s, indicating he was only one-quarter Bajoran. A light smattering of spots from the temples indicated some Trill ancestry. “Attack pattern laid in.”

All three enemy fighters fired phasers simultaneously at the ship’s forward saucer. Three quantum torpedoes pierce through the center ship while the dorsal phasers plowed through the port and starboard ships.

The Lambda Paz closed in on two Jem’Hadar battleships bearing down on a Vorcha-class Klingon attack cruiser from behind. The Klingon ship, meanwhile was concentrating on the heavy cruiser in front of it.

“Let’s take some heat off their tail,” said Limis. “Fire.”

Two quantum torpedoes tore the starboard nacelle off one battleship while the aft torpedoes of the Klingon cruiser slowed down the second battleship.

Morrison’s communications panel chirped indicating a message from the fleet commander. “Message from Admiral Jellico,” he reported. “Two ships are moving away from the fleet. He’s asking us to pursue.”

“Probably trying to move past the jammers,” Limis replied. “Helm, punch it!”

The Lambda Paz and one other Luna-class ship brought up the rear behind an Intrepid-class ship. The two Jem’Hadar heavy cruisers continued to pick up speed. They were slowed down only by phaser fire from all three Starfleet vessels. Before any of those ships could fire torpedoes, two ships emerged from out of nowhere.

These ships were neither Dominion nor Cardassian. They were spherical with shining silver hulls. They fired tiny silver pellets, which did considerable damage to the forward saucers of each Federation ship.

Consoles exploded all across the bridge of the Lambda Paz. Grabowski fell to the deck leaving his whole face with heavy burns. Two technicians raced onto the deck to put out a fire near the port auxiliary stations. Kozar raced over to the helm. “Where the hell did those ships come from?” he demanded.

“Ops can analyze the sensor readings later,” Limis barked. “Right now, their torpedoes are ripping right through our shields.”

As quickly as the mysterious ships appeared, they seemed to disintegrate. The Jem’Hadar heavy-cruisers continued firing. Before the Lambda Paz bridge crew could blink, the intruder alert roared.

“Security team to Deck Fourteen,” Morrison shouted into his comm-panel. He and Kozar then bolted for the starboard turbolift. M’Rev raced across the bridge to assume the tactical station. Two junior bridge personnel vacated port and starboard auxiliary stations to take over ops and conn respectively.

Kozar and Morrison, along with four security officers marched down a corridor armed with phaser rifles. They joined Major Jonathan Davis’s six-person team of MACO’s. They were already in a firefight with the Jem’Hadar. Each of the soldiers was pinned against the walls.

Neither side had a decisive advantage. That was until three Jem’Hadar soldiers materialized behind the security team. Just as two of the Starfleet troops turned around, two of the Jem’Hadar impaled each of them through the chest with kartokins. Two more Starfleet troops and one of the MACO’s began deflecting the enemy’s swords with their rifles.

The first team of Jem’Hadar began laying down cover fire while coming at the remaining seven troops. Two more Starfleet security officers were clipped by weapons fire. Kozar, Morrison, and Davis were soon in hand-to-hand combat with the intruders in the narrow corridor.

“Isn’t a plasma coolant tank in this section?” Kozar asked Morrison.

“Yes,” Morrison replied, “Running through the ceiling of this corridor.”

“All right, everybody out!” the first officer shouted.

The other six still standing began trying to drag the four troops who were taken down. Kozar, Morrison, and Davis stood where a perpendicular corridor intersected to oversee the evacuation. Morrison and Kozar did not notice Davis being tackled by a Jem’Hadar soldier unshrouding. Morrison then fired his Type-2 phaser into the ceiling.

The plasma coolant tank came pouring out. Kozar and Morrison retreated into the adjoining corridor and closed off the emergency bulkhead. They soon noticed that Major Davis was not amongst the MACO’s. “Where the hell is Davis?” Kozar demanded.

He and Morrison soon realized what had happened. Morrison left one of his own colleagues perish along with the enemy soldiers. Even if other members of this security team died, at least they died by the Jem’Hadar’s weapons. This one death would surely haunt Morrison for a long time to come.
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