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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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... Oh, and as far as shafts bisecting entire compartmens, as far as I can tell, this would only happen in aft ring two on deck six, but this is one of the uninhabitable portions where the 'undercut' prevents the deck in rings two and three from attaining full hieght, and are thus used presumably only for piping and wiring, storage etc.?
Well, the main point being that a number of conditions come into play when arranging everything. Being able to move quickly throughout the ship without turbo lifts, being able to move quickly throughout the ship with turbo lifts, and that when a compartment becomes isolated, the people inside have full use of the compartment rather than having isolated pockets within a compartment. It makes for an interesting logic/geometry problem (and aspects of graph theory could actually be applied), which is what makes it so much fun to play with.

But in the end, I don't believe that there is only one solution. And because of that I would hope that people wouldn't just see mine and stop considering the other possibilities.

But yeah, rings two and three on deck six are most likely equipment bays, storage areas and the like.

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This is very interesting, but also confusing.

How do the deck arrangements for the "interconnecting dorsal" neck between the saucer and the engineering hull fit into this? Are you saying the neck is completely divorced from both main hulls?
I guess I'm confused at how you are confused.

I stated that I'm not addressing the dorsal decks here, but will work on nailing them down when I have more information and have done more analysis. That information will come from an as yet incomplete study of the 11 foot model.

So are you saying that I should not post anything until I have everything completed?

But the dorsal is the dorsal. It isn't the primary hull and it isn't the secondary hull. There are plenty of sketches of the dorsal that I've posted in the past (like this), but I guess I don't see what is so confusing about not spending time discussing something that wasn't the point of what I was talking about.

Unless I'm missing something in how you are missing something in all this.

Of course if the question is about which coordinate system the dorsal decks would use... neither. But then again, I'm not doing plans for the ship as a whole.. I'm doing plans for the subassemblies which when put together give you a whole ship (which is most likely how it would have been constructed). The dorsal decks with have their own height callouts because when I look at the dorsal, it'll just be the dorsal at that point (just like when I look at the primary hull, it is just the primary hull, and when I look at the secondary hull, it is just the secondary hull).

And all three pieces (primary hull, dorsal and secondary hull) are further broken up into smaller pieces by compartments (the dorsal has a number of compartments too). Compartments are assembled to make the major components, and the major components are assembled to make the ship as a whole.

I've seen other people try to take the ship as a whole... and choke . I would rather take it as nice bight size pieces.
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