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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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I know that a lot of people have thought that I picked the deck heights at random or to fit some preconceived ideas I had... this is not true. The positions of the decks are based on figures that Jefferies used in his vision of the Enterprise, which in turn is why I've used them.

To provide unique coordinates for both the primary and secondary hulls, each hull has been given it's own zero height (0 ft). For the primary hull, 0 ft is designated the "Weather Deck" and is at the upper rim of the hull. For the secondary hull, 0 ft is designated the "Waterline" and is at the center line axis of the hull. The heights for most of the decks are...
Primary Hull:
Deck 1 (bridge) is at 34 ft
Deck 2 is at 24 ft
Deck 3 is at 12 ft
Deck 4 is at 2 ft
0 ft is the Weather Deck
Deck 5 is at -10 ft
Deck 6 is at -20 ft
Deck 7 is at -30 ft
Deck 8 is at -40 ft

Secondary Hull:
Deck 13 is at 42 ft
Deck 14 is at 30 ft
Deck 15 is at 20 ft
Deck 16 is at 0 ft (the Waterline)
Deck 17 is at -12 ft
Deck 18 is at -24 ft
Deck 19 is at -36 ft
Deck 20 is at -46 ft
The dorsal is independent of both hulls and it's deck heights I'll figure out based on studies of the 11 foot model's window placement.

I've applied the information above to my drafts of the primary and secondary hulls in this diagram.

This information can be applied to my earlier sketches where this had been left rather vague.
This is very interesting, but also confusing.

How do the deck arrangements for the "interconnecting dorsal" neck between the saucer and the engineering hull fit into this? Are you saying the neck is completely divorced from both main hulls?
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