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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Oh okay, Gotcha. I was thinking in terms of each deck having its own compartment rings, so this answers my question, thanks. My thinking was that each diagram might be used to represent the two main decks, 5 and 6 respectively? The P/C diagram would then work nicely as deck five, with its big double compartments for large rooms, and the window clusters would be free of bulkheads. Then, on deck six the T/L diagram allows for the P/C's overlaping with those above, would compansate for structural weakness (like bricks in a wall), especialy in the three outer rings where it's needed most. Then the outermost ring would have bulkheads at the cross quarter locations, neatly explaining why the one lone widow here is off to the side, and also the impulse deck engineering would be enclosed in bulkeads on either side. But yeah, if each P/C is two decks high, then what you have makes sense.

Oh, and as far as shafts bisecting entire compartmens, as far as I can tell, this would only happen in aft ring two on deck six, but this is one of the uninhabitable portions where the 'undercut' prevents the deck in rings two and three from attaining full hieght, and are thus used presumably only for piping and wiring, storage etc.?

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