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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

SoM, thank you for posting that ex-astris article with the comparison image from TNG & ENT using the same film. It is nice to see the additional detail in the HD telecine of the film even from the screengrab & even though it is stretched.

How much would it cost Paramount to include the originals, if they just put them at standard definition and didn't even bother with upconverting? Virtually nothing. And there are many "purists" out there who would want the originals in their Blu-ray collections.
CoveTom, Blu-ray players
Though not compulsory, the Blu-ray Disc Association recommends that Blu-ray Disc drives be capable of reading standard DVDs and CDs, for backward compatibility
People can just play the TNG DVDs they already owned from their first purchase on their Blu-ray player if they are purists and also they double dipped by purchasing TNG-R on Blu-ray years later.

The video masters were almost certainly encoded with timecode which links each frame of the master to the exact frame taken from the original negative.
Before 1990 there were Edge numbers (also called key numbers or footage numbers) which was used by the film & TV industry to conform the original camera negative from the workprint to create an internegative for a master to strike prints from.
Harvey, Back in 1987-1990 those would probably have been the original camera negative one-light telecine for dailies & offline editing on 1" Analog tape, or Betacam SP format (or possibly 3/4" U-matic format) with a audio timecode burn-in window. (machine-readable Keycode was only introduced in 1990 though which was season 3-4 of TNG)
After 1990 a Keycode burn-in window on dailies became pretty standard along with the timecode from the audio recording. See the image here for the various burn-in windows on a dailies videotape.
Those TNG offline editing work tapes of additional hundreds of hours of printed takes were probably discarded.

The analog 1" Type C (for seasons 1-2) & D-2 masters of the show would not have the original camera negative's film keycode burn-in recorded at all.

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