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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

3D Master wrote: View Post
How utterly pathetic.

This is the attitude that will defeat millions, by just one man.
Talk about hyperbole.

If TOS was given a proper CGI remake, I personally wouldn't care one bit whether the original unaltered effects were on there, and probably never watch them again - and yet, if they weren't on there, I wouldn't buy them.
You wouldn't buy them because they didn't include something you would never watch? You do realise that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever don't you?

...but to honesty, truth, history...
Yeah, it's not exactly Magna Carta.

But alas, if everyone believes that what you think, what other people believe, and think, if history and principals don't matter; if only the almighty buck and corporations wish to suck you dry matters; then you might as well chain yourself up and brand 'slave' on your forehead stuff your credit card in automatic paying machine and follow what corporations tell you to buy, and drone ahead, because that's all you'll ever be.
This is simply unbelievable. What possesses you to talk to me like that? I simply state that I don't see the point in including unaltered SD versions because they are freely available on DVD, and I'm some sort of mindless drone? Even for the internet, that's pretty crazy, and I find that very insulting. There is simply no need for personal attacks.

CoveTom wrote: View Post
Again, can someone please tell me why this is such a hostile argument?
Because it's the internet. I expect I'll be called a Nazi very soon.

Is there a reason why people actually prefer that Paramount not include the originals? It costs them nothing, it doesn't affect TNG-R at all, and it satisfies the purists. So why not do it?
Simply because I think it's pointless. I would buy TNG-R because I want a high definition remastered print. I guarantee I'll never watch the originals again, because as the thread about the DVD transfers makes abundantly clear, TNG looks absolutely awful currently.

The idea that it will cost them "nothing" is unfounded. Someone has to dig out the DVD masters, re-encode them in MPEG-4 (unless you like the current compression artefacts), add them to the assets, author the disc, etc, and this will cost money. Maybe not a vast amount in the grand scheme of things, but you can bet these costs will be transferred to the consumer. I wouldn't be interested in paying a premium for something I already own.
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