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Re: The Daedalus Art Thread list

Elf Malakai wrote: View Post
Very steampunk. I like it.
kaisernathan1701 wrote: View Post
Me too
Wingsley wrote: View Post

That is really a great ENT-ized version of the ship. Do you have any more images, and would you be interested in re-starting a thread for them?
Thanks, folks! Wingsley, I've been thinking about starting it over. You see, I was working on the model in March of 2005. But on the first day of the following month, as I pulled up the file to work on it, the whole thing slipped from my grasp and crashed to the floor ...

I'm not sure why the picture's dated 2003 ... I think I just got careless with the '03' for March and threw that into the year. Such simple mistakes are common for me and one of the reasons I decided long ago it was best, for all parties concerned, if I took up something other than brain surgery.

EDIT: WOW! The 2003 date was correct. I apparently rendered a fresh view of the ship in 2005, although it doesn't look like I added much to the model at that time. My Daedalus project was started seven years ago! Where the heck did all the time go?
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