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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

The main thing that was missing from the turbo lift version was the double deep compartments just aft of the center core. Even though I haven't illustrated anything in them yet, they become important for rooms that were deeper (radially) than the standard cabins.

But other than that aspect, the alternating sections wouldn't make that much difference (other than the bulkhead right at the window clusters). A lot of it would just be rotating the compartments.

But for deck 6 by itself... as it stands now, the compartments enclose both decks 5 & 6 (each compartment being two decks thick) which was needed not to cut a compartment totally in half by a turbo lift tube if the compartment becomes completely closed off (you can go under the tube by dropping down a deck and back up again). The fact that compartments are generally not single decks was sort of important in making them as robust as possible on their own.

And it made isolated compartments less claustrophobic for me personally. I spent a lot of time imagining what it would be like when the pressure doors close and you're stuck in a compartment not knowing if the rest of the ship is even still habitable and how long you'd be there for.

I'm sure there are other ways around this (using the other diagram), but I thought that was a good solution to a number of issues while working within that framework.
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