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Re: Dollhouse 2x7, 2x8 Meet Jane Doe & A Love Supreme: Review,Spoilers

Is it just me, or did it seem as if Whedon brought back the Internet millionaire guy (Joel) to bookend the show's ongoing exploration of how the Dollhouse is morally ambiguous and while it ends up performing questionable and sleezy services, it actually does do the right thing at other times? Everybody (the viewers) responded well to Joel in season 1 and folks considered that a turning point episode. Also notice that Alpha succeeds in murdering all of Echo's "dons" who were just using her, as Alpha says, for a little piece of her. Alpha could have killed Joel just for pure spite after he got Ballard, but lets him walk out: the one person who truly needed Echo to help himself heal. One would assume that in his stalking of Joel, Alpha would have seen that Joel wasn't like the other clients. (Compare this with the first guy seen, who went the other direction and destroyed his life over his desire for Echo.)

Amid the Whedonesque hard edged nastiness, that's actually a very sentimental resolution to the storyline.

... on the other hand "Who doesn't love a pun?" is one of the best lines ever in context. Boom.
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