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Re: UFP Anthem

I'm pretty sure the anthem has words. I know there are anthems without them but I think the Federation which is founded on certain principles would want to incorporate them in the anthem for everyone to identify with.
I wouldn't worry so much about translation, after all, the International exists in a lot of different languages, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem.

I've also written words for the first verse, which proved a bit more difficult than anticipated. Granted, it's not very easy to sing but I tested it, and it's possible. I have ideas about a second and third verse, too. But anyway, here's the first:

Come, gentlebeings, galaxywide,
from our dark and troubled past emerge to the light,
make a dream of old become reality,
friend and old foe in
a federation of the free.

Citizens of the universe we are,
bound to each other all through the stars.
Our nations might be as different as night and day.
Diversity is our friend
but united we stand.
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