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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Wrong. I do not have take or eat a damn thing, because here's the newsflash they don't give me anything. They wish to sell me things. So I can choose to keep my money in my pocket, and not buy anything of theirs. And if enough people do that, you can force companies to change their product.
Yeah, but yours is a minority opinion - you don't matter at all.
You're repudiating everything trek stands for with that remark; all it takes for change is a man with a vision and will. Whether that change is for good or bad is not at issue, but your majority rules bullshit is depressing, uninspired and downright tragic thinking.
It's simple business not some 'vision'.
Altering a few VFX-shots for a new release would, by the way, in no way harm any vision, if there is one.
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