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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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If you are no longer able the acquire the original TNG episodes, then you might as well burn them,
And if Paramount/CBS wish to do that, then that would be their prerogative.
It's their property, not yours. You are not entitled to anything.
You just have to take and eat what they give you, or not.
Wrong. I do not have take or eat a damn thing, because here's the newsflash they don't give me anything. They wish to sell me things. So I can choose to keep my money in my pocket, and not buy anything of theirs. And if enough people do that, you can force companies to change their product.

For example, did you know that the successor of the Intel 80286 chip was actually an object oriented computer that had nothing to do with 80386? But nobody bought it, and so, before they went belly up, they scrambled and all but juryrigged the 80386 and released that.

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So... what of those who don't have DVDs?
Anyone who's made it all the way to now and *still* doesn't have a DVD player is not likely to be a Trek fan in the first place.
I didn't say anything about a DVD player, I said the DVDs.
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