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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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Poor choice of words, perhaps. I was on Day 3 of quitting smoking, too, so Bones, please forgive.

What I meant was, in real life the West bombed the hell out of a lot of people after 9/11, which was the crew's desire in the first few episodes of the season. Vengeance!
Except in the Fictional Star Trek Xindi War, Earth had no way of attacking or bombing the enemy.

Glacial wrote:
However, in Enterprise they talked with their 'enemies,' and found out said 'enemies' (Xindi/Muslim world) weren't a monolithic group of bad guys as they'd been said to be.
Is this similar to how Americans, Europe negotiated positively with several muslim countries? Where was the "all muslims are evil" speech that I missed?

Beyond responding to anything else line by line... I'll just put it this way:

There really is no comparison. In the Star Trek Xindi war, Earth is surprised attack by a technologically advanced race. Earth's only retaliation is to send it's one and only ship to destroy the weapon and investigate the cause.

In the war on terror, terrorists, not a government or country used a sneak attack on American soil, and over the years in several other countries. America, England, and a group of allies attack two countries primarily in response. One country that is directly related since it's where the terrorist lived. One country that is not related but is tied in under the guise of possible future scenarios involving WMDs. The allies did negotiate with several muslim countries, Pakistan comes to mind, in order to work together to defeat terrorists.

Other than there being a "sneak attack" I don't see anything similar. I don't see how negotiations with Al Queda would solve anything.

Sorry man, but trying to draw profound political insights from Enterprise season 3 just doesn't sit right with me, at all.
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