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Re: Dollhouse 2x7, 2x8 Meet Jane Doe & A Love Supreme: Review,Spoilers

The detonator was rigged to go off if Alpha let go of it. It would have gone off if they shot him.
I understood that they were trying to save the guy but I think Alpha is so dangerous they should have tried to kill him when they got the chance. I thought Tudyk was a blast tonight and along with his work on V, he's been doing a great job as the villain.

I wasn't expecting Adelle to do what she did but I was actually surprised and that's tough to do on television nowadays. They also surprised with the Perrin revelation last week so DH has been doing a great job in that department.

Forgot to mention but we got another funny Viktor imprint this week. Someone has got to pick up Enver Gjojki (can't spell that name) after this show, the man is just too damn talented.

I wonder if that Dollhouse in Dubai ever took off. I think that city just declared they need $60 billion or something...
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