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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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AGAIN, for the THIRD time, it isn't whether they are available NOW that's the concern, the concern is whether they CONTINUE to be available in the decades and centuries TO COME. In whatever format that is functioning at the time.

And don't think it'll be disc systems that are backward compatible for eternity.

And seriously, are you actually arguing, that if you break the law you can still get a hold of them, really?
Yes, I am. The fact is anyone can make a digital image of their DVDs, and keep it for the foreseeable future. Blu-ray is a red herring, the future is in downloads. This information is not going to go "out of print" because there will always be copies floating around in the ether. You are still thinking about it in a very 20th century way, but the same goes for the industry. They still don't really understand this because the people in charge haven't caught up with the new reality. It's like Rupert Murdoch talking about charging for News Corp content online. The man simply does not understand the nature of the internet.
A copy in the internet is still ILLEGAL, unless it's to be downloaded from a legal paysite. Thus, the same information applies here. If they DO NOT make it available for download from a legal paysite, we reach the same situation then not being put on the Blu-Ray disc.

If (that's a massive if) a HD version of TNG is produced, this will become the default, which CBS/Paramount/Whoever will wish to push, because otherwise what's the point in doing the HD transfer? Why bother to offer an SD alternative, which will require more disc authoring costs, disc space and time? They didn't include the original SD broadcasts of TOS, they simply used seamless branching for certain scenes. They may decide to do it, but there's no reason we should expect it.
Again, it does NOT cost more authoring costs, or time. And whether disc space remains empty or is uses, costs nothing. They used seamless branching for TOS, BECAUSE IT COULD BE USED FOR TOS. TOS was in its entirely put on film, nothing on video, thus simply cleaning up the film and putting it on Blu-Ray in HD, is the original episode, just a higher quality a transfer.

This will not be the case for TNG, because to get HD they will have to redo some of the visual effects like transporter effects, screen readouts and such as it is only exists on video. Thus, to "get an original" HD transfer that can be seamlessly branched, they would have to make two entirely separate CGI visual effects; one that is an EXACT replica of the SD one, and one that is the reimagined CGI brand new special effects sequences.

NOW THAT will cost massive amounts of extra dollars, as opposed to simply putting the SD versions on the discs as well.

And why would they do it? Because it necessary; something like that can't disappear, it needs to continue to be available for so many reasons. That, and to make money. We as customers, as fans of Star Trek, should realize the (historical) value of the original effort and that it should remain intact. Thus, if Paramount seems to want to make the originals disappear, no longer release it; we as fans should collectively say: we won't buy it, unless you put them on it, and stick to it. If 99% of every potential customer, that is us Star Trek fans, refuses to buy it if the SD isn't on there, trust me that Paramount will put it on. They wish to make money, not waste lots of dollars and something nobody buys.

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I keep seeing this talk of BDROM versions of the DVD material.

If you really want all of the SD eps in one easily accessible location to watch on a whim, you can extract the episodes fairly easily from your DVDs. Put them onto a hard drive (USB say) in VOB format and watch all of them from there. Each episode is about 2GB so figure on around 350GB of space. Of course this "little" project will take hours of repetitive labor, but it is worth it in the end IMO.

Optical disks are obsolete. Hard drives are cheap.
So... what of those who don't have DVDs?

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Let's just make the hologram and burn the painting, eh?
Nobody's burning anything. That's not what the last several pages of discussion have been about. Stop with the histrionics.
If you are no longer able the acquire the original TNG episodes, then you might as well burn them, for ultimately the difference is negligible. It's about people being about people be able to watch/look at the work. (Incidentally, without being thrown in jail for it.)
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