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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

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^ That reminds me, how the hell is the DC Universe going to recover from Blackest Night? I'm assuming here that it will not be possible for Black Lanterns to become normal, living beings again (Since they are, in the most literal sense of the word, dead).
Since Nekron has made it clear that he's been preventing permadeaths, I think it's likely that when Nekron is defeated death becomes permanent in the DC Universe.

As for how characters turned into Black Lanterns are going to be handled -- since BN #5 does some serious damage there -- I suspect that one character will gather one ring from each of the light Lantern Corps and wield them all, creating a white light that will counteract Nekron and reverse the damages he has wrought. Because it's a Green Lantern event, I think it will be Hal, though the theory that it could be Dove is also credible.

I wonder if Kyle will be resurrected.
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