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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

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I would liken it more to a car battery's death.

Superman was a living solar battery. He expended all of his stored reserves defeating Doomsday. Powerless, he died.

The regen chamber jumpstarted Superman by exposing his cells to solar radiation.
But with a battery, that's a strictly metaphorical death, since it wasn't alive to begin with. What we're talking about here is the literal death of a biological organism, which is what Kal-El is.

How long would it have taken if he hadn't been placed in the regen chamber? No idea.
Beside the point. If he could've recovered on his own at all, then he wasn't dead, by any meaningful definition of biological death. Death isn't a matter of degree. It's binary. Either you're dead or you're not.

And I'm not seeing the "retcon," Christopher. The regen chamber was from the original Return of Superman storyline.
I'm not talking about the regen chamber. You said yourself that it only helped the recovery he would've made anyway. What I'm saying is, the way it was defined at the time the story was written, Superman wasn't really dead, just believed dead. If Blackest Night is now claiming that he actually did die, that's a retcon.
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