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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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I finished off the first season the other day. I don't think the series has engrossed me the way it seems to have many others on this board. I think it's standard soap opera fare; running afoul of local troubles on alien worlds (then solving them), bumping into strange space phenomena, and staging narrow escapes from pursuing bad guys. A pleasant enough way to spend an hour, but usually nothing that makes me sit up and take notice. The season finale is possibly an exception; the cliffhanger was well done, and makes me want to order the second season (eventually...). So I've liked some of the plots, and some of the characters, mostly John, Zhaan and Chianna, have grown on me (though, conversely, I wish Rygel would encounter a pair of scissors, and soon)... mostly, the problem seems to be that I can't quite get comfortable with the show's aesthetic. Particularly the aliens. Particularly Rygel. The make-up on some of the leads is great (Zhaan and Chianna look amazing, and I don't just mean the actress, though that helps), but most of the aliens on the show look like they stepped out of 50s B-movie, all rubber and fabric and glowy headdresses. I'm not sure why--I've enjoyed series with even more outré aesthetics, like the similarly-themed Lexx, but that show knew it was risible. Which is something else that oftens throws me out of the show: the skewed sense of humour, which misses about as often as it hits. Particularly John, with his bizarre non sequiturs and constant pop culture references that he ought damn well know nobody gets. It was mildly amusing once or twice, it's just dumb by now. Oh, and Rygel. (Seriously, fart jokes? What is this, Phantom Menace?)

Anyway, hopefully the fans won't excorciate me for the above. I do plan to eventually return to the series, since I found the first season essentially adequate, and have been told that it gets better--and besides, it's not like there's much anything else in this vein out there to watch, these days.

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman
I pretty much agree with you on everything.

I never (and still don't) "get" the "funny" in Farscape. It's funny eps leave me cold. I think the humor is an acquired taste. And as for Fart jokes... wait for a couple of seasons in between ... there are "sick" jokes coming... To the fan's credit - they generally assign low points to that season 4 episode.

Rygel and some of the aliens who are puppets look a little too puppetty. (There's one that I remember that humps Aeryn's leg! Funny to say but looked silly). But over here - I have to say - (and I started watching Farscape regularly towards the end of Season 3 (with Fractures, I think) and then watched the previous episodes later) - there was some episode that I don't recall which totally sold me on the Dominar!! I think it was the voice actor who finally pushed the puppet thru to me.

But as fans will (and have) tell you - it gets better in season 2 and season 3. I think the Dedalus Demands/Icarus Abides two-parter and then the last 3 eps of season 3 and the last 5-6 ep arc of season 4 - fantastic stuff...

And wait till you see the Scarrens in season 4 - I thought that was fantastic fx...

Returning on-topic about the DVD set release of Farscape - it was briefly covered as a recommended series to purchase on National Public Radio (NPR) in the Fresh Air section on December 10 titled "Classic TV on DVD Makes A Personalized Holiday Gift"
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