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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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In other words, remastering the original Star Trek preserved the original. "Remastering" TNG would be more like remaking the series.
No, remastering Star Trek: the Next Generation would be the creation of a new master. That's what "to remaster" means: to create a new master. And the creation of a new master copy that didn't use the original 35mm film negative would be moronic.

But the idea that making something HD means it's no longer the original is wrong. In most cases, making it HD is actually showing it closer to what it really looks like on film, making it more like the original.
Star Trek was mastered on 35mm film because that was the technology of the time. All television series that were shot on 35mm film in the 1960s were mastered on film. They were never meant, of course, to be exhibited on film nor shown in High Definition television. Indeed, HDTV didn't even exist at the time.
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