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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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This thread has grown larger than I expected it to. First I should clarify that I posted this thread because I thought I had made an observation in Uhura that could be seen as a major neglect on her part because of bad writing. Through reading several of the posts since my original post and provided with suggested evidence that she possibility could have reported her findings to a superior officer before she left the lab early as Gaila noted when she came into the dorm. As for over-analyzing the scene...and not easily filling in the blanks...I thought I'd bring it up for a fun discussion...didn't realize that people would be so serious about it as one person who brought up the Chekov/Khan thing.
Heh - the short answer is that she was almost certainly dismissed after reporting her findings to her superiors.

As for the rest, some of us feel quite strongly that if Uhura is going to get up out of her chair and leave her post, at least give her something more worthwhile to do than stand by her man.
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