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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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AGAIN, for the THIRD time, it isn't whether they are available NOW that's the concern, the concern is whether they CONTINUE to be available in the decades and centuries TO COME. In whatever format that is functioning at the time.

And don't think it'll be disc systems that are backward compatible for eternity.

And seriously, are you actually arguing, that if you break the law you can still get a hold of them, really?
Yes, I am. The fact is anyone can make a digital image of their DVDs, and keep it for the foreseeable future. Blu-ray is a red herring, the future is in downloads. This information is not going to go "out of print" because there will always be copies floating around in the ether. You are still thinking about it in a very 20th century way, but the same goes for the industry. They still don't really understand this because the people in charge haven't caught up with the new reality. It's like Rupert Murdoch talking about charging for News Corp content online. The man simply does not understand the nature of the internet.

If (that's a massive if) a HD version of TNG is produced, this will become the default, which CBS/Paramount/Whoever will wish to push, because otherwise what's the point in doing the HD transfer? Why bother to offer an SD alternative, which will require more disc authoring costs, disc space and time? They didn't include the original SD broadcasts of TOS, they simply used seamless branching for certain scenes. They may decide to do it, but there's no reason we should expect it.
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