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The Daedalus Art Thread list

Because of the upsurge of Daedalus inspired designs, I'd like to collect links to various threads on this forum(and others) all in one place.

Robert April's Daedalus, more an evolution of the NX class.

Richmerk's Prospero Class, a Daedalus-Miranda mix

MadMan1701A's USS Archon

NCC-1701 (Winter)'s Apex Class

3D version of the Apex Class, by Starscape

Thesovereignman's Daedalus

Carlg's more traditional looking Daedalus

Scaramanga's USS Sinclair

Uniderth's daedalus

JamieTakahashi's Daedalus retrofit

CarlG's smaller daedalus, with 3d done by Soran77
Borgman's version of CarlG's design

Genex X1's TMP Daedalus

If you have more, just reply here, and I'll be sure to add them!

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