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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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However, the originals need to remain intact and available, for so many, many reasons. Thus the original SD shows should simply be on those discs as well.
They are available, intact, on DVD, on a thousand DVD Rips, and torrented around the world. They aren't going anywhere. They've had an official digital release, which in this day and age makes them immortal. I don't see what more you require. It's not as if all existing DVDs are wiped when the (hypothetical) Blu-ray release hits the shops.

AGAIN, for the THIRD time, it isn't whether they are available NOW that's the concern, the concern is whether they CONTINUE to be available in the decades and centuries TO COME. In whatever format that is functioning at the time.

And don't think it'll be disc systems that are backward compatible for eternity.

And seriously, are you actually arguing, that if you break the law you can still get a hold of them, really?
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