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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

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Thanks, Patrickivan! But I'm just getting warmed up. After looking at DEWLine's and Arkady's designs and then studying the DS9 runabout, I've concluded the streamlined look isn't quite TNG-ish enough. This sleek little craft needs a little roughing up. I need to peel back those panels a bit and show more of the guts underneath.
Oh, I don't know about that. What I like about yours is that it's so obviously non-Starfleet. It has a distinctive civilian identity to it. The others are somewhat Starfleety, which is plausible given that they're from the same civilization and era. But if Starfleet could have a period where it was doing starship-as-sculpture like the Galaxy Class, then surely there could be civilian ship designers that go for style rather than pure functionality and come up with designs that are really distinctive.

Christopher, does the Needle's cockpit have windows?
I don't think I specified. I have no objection to windows, though.

Also, my natural assumption is that this ship's landing gear are pads. But do you think wheels would be too retro?
I'm not sure what purpose there would be to wheels, since it would presumably get its lift from antigravs (it's got no wings) and wouldn't need to taxi along a runway.
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