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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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The video masters were almost certainly encoded with timecode which links each frame of the master to the exact frame taken from the original negative. It's a relatively simple process, once the original negative has been re-scanned in HD, to use this timecode to exactly recreate the SD edit in HD.
Yes, but it's still a recreation of the original and a complete waste of time. The purists who want the originals preserved and included won't be getting it, and those of us who don't care wouldn't watch it anyway, so it would be a waste of time.
I have no idea what you're getting on about here. The only difference between the new version and the original would be an increase in picture quality. That's not a waste of time--that's the whole point!

Speaking of the "jarring" transition between HD video and SD visual effects, the visual effects will in the very least be upconverted. Watching the episodes wouldn't be outside of the experience of the new Babylon 5 transfers, which is problematic, but still quite watchable. And, if the film elements of the visual effects are recomposited rather than recreated digitally, they can be seen in true HD in their original form.
If they could indeed do that, it would negate the need to change any FX in the first place, which would for most people negate the need for the "original" episodes to be included alongside the "remastered" episodes.
Exactly my point. And they may very well do that, since it would be cheaper than creating new CGI effects.

As for calling Star Trek by its name, it's the academic in me. I'd never get away with "TOS" in a research paper of any sort.
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