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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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You couldn't do that, though, and have it be the same show. They would have to include the SD episode in it's entirety. With TOS, the HD versions are the original versions, just with an HD transfer. With TNG, the remastered episodes would actually be completely different versions, not even really the same show. In other words, TOS remastered is just a new transfer of the original episode, whereas TNG remastered would be an entirely new edit made from the original film.
That's just nonsense. The episodes were shot on 35mm film. Re-transfering that film in order to increase the image quality hardly prevents it from being the same show. Nobody is talking about re-cutting the series. The 'entirely new edit' you're writing about will indeed be exactly the same edit as it existed in 480p NTSC video, except in 1080p HD video.

The only reason Star Trek was mastered on film and not videotape like every other series in the franchise was due to technical limitations in the 1960s. Like every television series of the period, it was never meant to be seen in anything other than SD color television. But, now that HD exists, and since it was shot and mastered on film, CBS Paramount can turn it around for some extra profit with little investment.

Looking up the video that could fit on the disc, a Blu-Ray can hold 9 hours of HD video or 23 hours of SD video. Assuming 5 episodes per disc, which is the going rate on my Blu-Rays for the Prisoner, you could have roughly four hours of HD video (five episodes) and still have room for 10 hours of SD video. 3D Master is right on that count.

That said, seamless branching is still the way to go. The only new material (potentially) being created for these episodes is visual effects material. Including all the live action in SD is a waste of disc space that could be devoted to other features.
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