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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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I meant seamless branching, just like TOS-R on Blu-ray. Minimal disc space, and keeps the old school happy, and those wanting upgraded FX happy.
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If a TNG-R were done like the TOS-R Blu-Ray, it would just need to have the seamless branching so you can choose to have either the original upconverted, or the new FX. That way, both people are happy, and you choose your version, but either way, it's still in HD. No need to argue that point.
You couldn't do that, though, and have it be the same show. They would have to include the SD episode in it's entirety. With TOS, the HD versions are the original versions, just with an HD transfer. With TNG, the remastered episodes would actually be completely different versions, not even really the same show. In other words, TOS remastered is just a new transfer of the original episode, whereas TNG remastered would be an entirely new edit made from the original film.
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