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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

I just had an interesting though about having multiple Batmen could have two sets of Batman and Robin's...Dick and Damien and Bruce and Tim (still as Red Robin). I am not seeing Bruce demanding to take back his cape and cowl when he returns, at least not right away. This isn't like the Azael situation where he went all bonkers and Bruce had to fight for it back, or Dick being hesitant assuming the mantle of the Bat.

With all of the Kingdom Come stuff starting to creep slowly into DC, Magog now roaming around and leading his own Justice Society team along with Power Girl, another curious theory comes across the board. Also what about Batman #666? I read an article last week analyzing that issue and the author made some very interesting points about it. It is the first time we're introduced to Professor Pyg in the issue and those who've read Batman and Robin know that the first arc deals with him. I'm not saying that this is what morrison is leading up to...but it is interesting.
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